By John Conrad

As we enter 2021, the coronavirus refuses to take a hint and in fact, it continues to evolve as new variants emerge in Africa and Europe. As a result, so will distance and hybrid learning-and education technology (EdTech) companies need to be ready for this next chapter.

The EdTech industry grew significantly since the beginning of the pandemic forcing all learning into the virtual space. With the increased demand has come increased competition for media attention. As we discussed in our newly released EdTech Marketing & Communications Guide , new and existing EdTech companies are fighting for…

To say 2020 wasn’t a monumental year for healthcare would be a huge understatement. Exponentially greater acceptance and use of health IT — driven by pandemic safety concerns — led to a boom in solutions from existing and startup players entering the scene, making it tough for the true innovators to stand out from the competition.

While COVID-19 dominated the landscape this year (and will continue into 2021), we are seeing many impactful trends that healthcare marketers should keep an eye on. Here are the biggest changes we see for 2021 that will reshape healthcare marketing and PR.

By Suzanne Block

While COVID-19 has infiltrated every aspect of our lives this year — from the way we work to the way we socialize to the way we grocery shop — one thing is for certain: the evolution of emerging technology is not slowing down. In fact, the Merritt Group Emerging Technology Group has seen a rise in technologies that will help us collaborate, market and work more productively and efficiently with our clients over the last several months.

It’s actually interesting to read our 2020 predictions as a backdrop. Written from a pre-COVID perspective, our team saw many…

By: Mia (Damiano) Wilcox

To say 2021 was a disruptive year would be putting it mildly. The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc across industries and the PR and marketing world was far from immune. While we may have emerged fairly intact compared to industries like travel and hospitality, the security world was not untouched by the impact of COVID-19, and we’ll likely feel the ramifications for years to come. That said, rather than dwelling in the turmoil brought by this past year, it’s important to look ahead and focus on the future. So what does 2021 have in store for the…

By Peter Jacobs

Binge-watching, sourdough baking, learning pods-all trends that we’ve read about endlessly as the world continues to combat the pandemic. But from a business perspective, the huge shifts in how society works, lives and interacts have impacted everything from budget priorities to supply chains. These changes and their effect on budgets and priorities will influence how B2B tech firms invest in outreach, branding and demand gen programs for much (if not all) of next year…and possibly for the long term.

By Mandy Zavosky

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what better way to burn off those holiday treats than by participating in our inaugural Merritt Group Merrython virtual charity run ! Not sure how to prepare for the big day? We have you covered — Sam Gunther , personal trainer and honorary Merritt Grouper, has outlined a “ couch to race course” training program just for our participants.

Whether you’re a veteran racer or a beginner, it’s important to prepare for the big day. Below is an eight-week training plan to help you prepare for your virtual Merrython! The…

By Molly McCabe

The unexpected economic downturn in the last few months caused by the pandemic has led to dramatic belt-tightening and downsizing across industries, with budgets being slashed and spending scrutinized. And as marketing and communications professionals are all too aware, marketing budgets are historically one of the first to take a hit when funding issues arise.

While it’s hard to view this event as anything but negative, the current environment also presents the opportunity to sharpen your marketing and communications efforts. Tighter purse strings have spotlighted inefficiencies and waste. …

By Katie Pesek

Much like any other industry, COVID-19 turned the marketing world upside down. According to Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey , almost half of CMOs reported a budget cut of more than five percent since the onset of COVID-19-many reporting cuts of more than 15 percent. With marketing spending down and sales demands on the rise, how can cybersecurity marketers not only stay afloat, but successfully stand out in the overcrowded market?

To explore just that, we teamed up with Women in Technology (WIT) to host a virtual panel session exploring the impact the pandemic has had on…

By Natalie Robertson

The financial impacts of COVID-19 have sent shockwaves through nearly every industry, from retail to defense contracting. Companies have been forced to make tough decisions, including hiring freezes, budget cuts and layoffs. Marketing organizations have been some of the hardest hit internal functions. According to the Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2020 , more than 44% of CMOs reported budget cuts as a result of the pandemic — with more than 10 percent expecting to face cuts of more than 15%. …

By Crystal O’Neil

The way the B2B tech world hosts professional events and meetings has been drastically altered due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The crisis forced countless events to be cancelled or postponed and forced organizations to get even more creative with how they seek to garner attention and build thought leadership .

While there are many aspects of virtual conferences and events that are difficult to replicate, corporations, associations and the event planning industry have quickly shifted to offer creative virtual solutions that present distinct opportunities that will be beneficial for marketing and PR pros (and their client influencers)…

Melissa Chadwick

Merritt Group VP of Content

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